(Bientôt. Je t'aime.)

(Ils ont dit : "Tu es devenu fou à cause de Celui que tu aimes."
J'ai dit : "La saveur de la vie n'est que pour les fous.")

I thought about my options.

I WANTED to kill somebody real bad, but I didn't want to do any time. I had to come up with a plan. It would have to be self-defense. I thought about my options.


Vive la différence !

twenty-four hours

Edward Hopper

They sat quietly for a minute. Martin Beck was hungry.

 He thought about his wife and her chatter about regular meals. He hadn't eaten for twenty-four hours.

Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö, Roseanna

(ah how it hugely glared at him!)

"Of the way you did feel? Well, it was very simple. You said you had had from your earliest time, as the deepest thing within you, the sense of being kept for something rare and strange, possibly prodigious, and terrible, that was sooner or later to happen to you, that you had in your bones the foreboding and the conviction of, and that would perhaps overwhelm you."

"Here I am, you see. It hasn't been overwhelming."

"Then, it hasn't been love,"

Henry James, The Beast in the Jungle

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est une application du principe de Shéhérazade, codé naturellement, en langue des serpents.

merci à T.S. Eliot Prufrock, et photo de moi pieds nus, ne sais plus qui, F. ? et calligraphie Do, et jingle Xavier Rubin - et Wong Kar-Wai In the Mood for Love.