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something like happy

I rather suspect, however, 
that I will not remember anything clearly again, that I will continue to live in this limbo of unclassified sensations and mental snapshots till that promised moment when, at the very last, everything flashes 
Starstruck by The Kinks on Grooveshark
before my eyes once more, a whole history unfolding and coming to life behind my eyes in milliseconds, like those Japanese paper toys that, the moment they are immersed in water, blossom into extraordinary and elaborate flowers: peonies, chrysanthemums, irises, lilies.

John BurnsidePeach Melba, Something Like Happy collected short stories, the best i have read in a long time. something like perfect. - For those unacquainted with his sublimely terrifying oeuvre, this is the place to start. (The Guardian)  

twenty-four hours

Edward Hopper
They sat quietly for a minute. Martin Beck was hungry.

 He thought about his wife and her chatter about regular meals. He hadn't eaten for twenty-four hours.

Maj Sjöwall & Per Wahlöö, Roseanna

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